Month: September 2016

Amgen Multiple Myeloma Drug Fails to Surpass Competition in Trial

Shares of Amgen fell slightly—by 1.5 percent, to $170.90—this week on the report that its multiple myeloma drug—carfilzomib, under the brand name Kyprolis–did not outperform the competition in a head-to-head, late-stage study regarding efficacy on previously untreated patients. The United States Food and Drug Administration had already approved Kyprolis for multiple myeloma patients who had…

Are Mutual Funds Good for Everyone?

Mutual funds are considered one of the best ways to invest retirement savings for substantial growth before you reach your retirement years. The return on investment can be considerably higher than stashing your savings in a savings account or investing in bonds or certificates of deposit. If you are investing with a tax-deferred account, your…