Year: 2016

Upcoming Indian Holiday in 2017

  Upcoming Indian Holiday in 2017 The New Year is all set to come. There are some people who are planning for a trip in 2017. Well here is the list of holidays so that you can plan accordingly. Date Day Occasion January 01 Sunday English New Year January 05 Thursday Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti…

Cheetah: One of the fastest animals may get extinct

It has been seen that the growing population of human beings has always impacted the ecosystem and had disturbed the habitat of wildlife. The interference of the humans is so intense that their developmental activities have literally destroyed the shelter of wildlife creatures. The worst part—animals that more familiar with the human race are now…

Twin Bomb Attack Shatters Turkey with 38 Dead

Twin Bomb Attack Shatters Turkey with 38 Dead

The firing of machine guns and bombardment on the borders are normally expected scenes on the borders. Thus the border wars are historic form of wars with some ethics. But in the current position, we all are witnessing a war of inhumanity internally occurring in the cities around the globe. One such catastrophic bomb explosion…