Chipotle Launches New Campaign To Refocus Consumer Attention on Their Improved Food Safety

chipotleChipotle Mexican Grill Inc launched a new marketing effort to get back their fans. This initiative will mostly outline the depth to which the company has improved its food safety guidelines. This, of course, is important since consumers are still wary of the chain’s food safety after the very recent foodborne illness outbreak.

Describing the effort, Chipotle founder and chairman and co-CEO Steve Ells explains the eight ways they have improved food-safety protocols. He says, “In late 2015, I made a promise to all of our customers that we would become an industry leader in food safety. In keeping with that promise, we’ve made advancements that have reinvented the way we manage our entire supply chain and care for our customers in our restaurants, while remaining true to our commitment to serve fresh, delicious food made from ingredients raised with care.”

Some of the strategies including in this effort include discounts and promotions, a new summer loyalty program, introducing chorizo as a new protein, and even launching a short film that refocuses consumers on the brand’s ingredient quality.

So far, it seems to be working but the ads that are scheduled to launch on Wednesday will act more like an open letter to the public from Ells, ads which will also be accompanied by a video he recorded to help with online promotion.

“There are definitely folks out there who aren’t entirely sure,” comments Chipotle head of marketing Mark Crumpacker, referencing that lingering worries continue to prevent other sales across the board. And what is an even bigger challenge, Crumpacker says, is to win back those customers who may have gone to other fast food chains and “knockoff” Chipotle stores.
The new food safety advancements follow these eight guidelines:
• Supplier Intervention
• Advanced Technology
• Farmer Support and Training
• Enhanced Restaurant Procedures
• Food Safety Certification
• Restaurant Inspections
• Ingredient Traceability
• Advisory Council

Of course, these eight things will increase accountability within the company but also will encourage more visibility so that consumers can watch the company improve its quality during the process. Obviously, the more transparency Chipotle can have right now, the better their chances will be to win over both the customers they have lost as well as new ones in the future.

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