New Vaccine Developed To Kill the Deadly Ebola

New Vaccine Developed To Kill the Deadly Ebola

Ebola is been around us since last 40 years, with its deadly influence initiated in 2014 in the regions of West Africa. Its effects have shattered the social aspects of the society, as the infected person and their homes were isolated and marked in orange fencing. But practically, this way is the best way to avoid the spread of the Ebola.

Thus, every problem has solution and Ebola was the intense and the deadliest kind of issue.

The efforts made by the World Health Organization (WHO) with collaboration of Guinea’s Health Ministry and International groups came out with positive solution to kill the spread of Ebola.

An extremely active vaccine, which protects against the disease, is developed and is expected to be available by 2018.

The vaccine was tested on Ebola-affected people in Guinea and was noted as 100% effective for the deadly cause. However, the vaccine hasn’t been tested on children, as it was not under the procedures of the trials.

However, after success of the several tests and trials, the vaccine is now ready for regulatory authorization.

The pharmaceutical manufacturer, Merck, has produced 300,000 doses of the vaccine with the name rVSV-ZEBOV—in case the Ebola strikes. And as a support for the stock, the global vaccine alliance named GAVI has also raised $5 Million for this purpose.

The results provided the data that merely 6,000 affected people were sent home virus-free just after 10 days from the trials.

Dr. Kieny, the lead of the study, said, “we won’t be defenceless now, if the next Ebola strikes”. Let’s hope for the best.

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