Cheetah: One of the fastest animals may get extinct

It has been seen that the growing population of human beings has always impacted the ecosystem and had disturbed the habitat of wildlife. The interference of the humans is so intense that their developmental activities have literally destroyed the shelter of wildlife creatures. The worst part—animals that more familiar with the human race are now in danger and on their way to the extinction.

At this time, the fastest hunter, cheetah is in danger or may get into history with only skeletons left, which would be found in museums or auctions.

The report released states that the total number of cheetah left on the earth is merely 7,100. The reason had been disclosed as the rising human conflicts with the animals, their entries into the population in search of food, and large scale development in wildlife regions.

As per the survey, half of the cheetah population is found in six nations that come under southern regions of Africa. On the other side of the world, specifically in Asia, the scenario is more shocking.

Cheetah is a carnivore and is famous for speedy hunting. While searching for the food, it mostly happens to cross the limitation of protected areas. As per the survey, it has been identified that 77% of their territory is outside the protected areas and reserves.

Another reason for the declining numbers is cubs trafficking demand from the Gulf countries. It has been recorded that 1,200 cheetah cubs are trafficked out of Africa in the duration of last 10 years.

In response to this, International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is calling a report to change the categorization of the speedy cheetah from vulnerable to endangered list and will take an effective measure to protect the mammal.

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