Google Nexus 6P users Facing Unexpected Shutdowns after Update

The new Android 7.0 update comes packed with tons of fresh features. With these features, it also has created many problems for the users. These problems were published by the users on the Google Forums. It says that most of the Huawei Nexus 6P handset users are witnessing surprising shutdowns.

After analyzing the Forum carefully, some users’ smartphones are been shut down unexpectedly. This was the situation even when the battery level of the smartphone reflected 60% of the level. Some of the users also reported that if the battery level is at 15%, the phones screen turns orange indicating to take off in the power saving mode. The phone will then shut down frequently till the charger is not attached to the handset. Once the charger is attached, the battery level still shows 15% full. This problem was posted on the Forum and that with a screenshot attached. The screenshot clearly showed the battery level to 15%. Beneath the screen shot was written—I had my device shutdown unexpectedly at 15%. This was not the same situation before upgrading to 7.0. Sometimes the mobile used to shut down at 43% as well.

Well, if the problem still persists then the company needs to take some serious actions against it. Meanwhile the users will still face the issue and has to deal it with pin drop silence. We hope that the company considers this issue as serious and gives out a solution as soon as possible. Till then, we advise you to hang in there.

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