Suit Filed Against Internet Giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google by Orlando Nightclub Shootout Victim Families

Suit Filed Against Internet Giants by Orlando Nightclub Shootout Victim Families

A deadly shootout incident occurred six months back in Orlando night club, which killed 49 people and many were brutally wounded. This incident has begun a new case to sue the social media giants.

The victim’s families filed a suit against the three Internet giants including Facebook, Twitter, and Google for availing a free platform for ISIS to promote their terrorism activities.

The complaint was filed at Eastern District of Michigan by the families of Juan Ramon Guerrero, Javier Jorge-Reyes, and Tevin Crosby. The families claimed that the online platforms provided a source to deliver the terrorist propaganda information, fund raising events, and to attract people to join the terrorist community.

Filed Law suits state that without social media it would have been impossible for the terrorist group to come out actively and plan their anti-humanity strategies.

Mateen, a 29-year old security guard, who attacked nightclub in Orlando and caused a deadly nightmare wasn’t connected to any ISIS group, but affirmed that he was influenced due to material he saw related to terrorism on the Internet.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google avoided responding to the comments.

But it has been seen in the last week that all the Internet giants have come together to restrict the terror spreading content online by implementing some restriction on the keywords which relate to terrorism. The companies have already started with their actions by making some major changes into their guidelines.

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