Twin Bomb Attack Shatters Turkey with 38 Dead

Twin Bomb Attack Shatters Turkey with 38 Dead

The firing of machine guns and bombardment on the borders are normally expected scenes on the borders. Thus the border wars are historic form of wars with some ethics. But in the current position, we all are witnessing a war of inhumanity internally occurring in the cities around the globe.

One such catastrophic bomb explosion occurred in Turkey, on Sunday. A twin bomb blast left 155 people intensely wounded and killed 38 people near a football stadium in Istanbul. The wounded have quickly moved to hospitals in which about 12 are under extensive care.

The fans attending the match in Vodafone Arena Stadium had already left the place, due to which there was low casualties. The first bomb was exploded by a vehicle near the location of Special Forces at exit.

Authorities said, approximately 400 kg of explosives were used in the attack. Forensic team has been working hard to identify the element which relates to the attack.

The casualty includes majority of the policemen and civilians.

The nation claimed this attack as an extensive assault to devastate the actions carried by the security to knock down the terrorization. Suleyman Soylu, Interior Minister of Turkey, stated that “13 people have been taken under the custody as suspects of the attack.”

Ned Price, spokesperson for the White House National Security Council said, “We are with Turkey to fight against the terrorism and support global peace. ” Just after the attack, Turkey temporarily had shut down all the radio and television coverage due to nation security.

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