Simplilearn, the online professional training company, lately changed its aim to a B2B approach from B2C training. And now, the company has declared the roll out of Bounce Back Scholarships. This is a program to assist IT professionals transferred by evolving and automation technologies to benefit free authorization to applicable training programs and courses.

The program will provide free of cost authorization to self-paced online courses. This is done in an attempt to assist IT professionals prepare for jobs of the future and generate skills in new technologies.

“Newer and automation technologies are forcing ventures to re-look at their hiring and business strategies. At present, the IT market has also seen huge job slash down. Via this program, we aim to let the worthy candidates with fiscal challenges to take up our program free of cost,” claimed CEO of Simplilearn, Krishna Kumar, in a statement to the media.

Simplilearn Announces Scholarship Program to Help Techies

Kumar claimed that in short term, it is a cause and the price of which will be paid by the firm. And in return, if these sets of candidates turn out to be successful, it will be a shrine of learning product of Simplilearn. The firm, which lately moved its goal to trading to ventures from promoting directly to end-users, thinks that their end-user is still a worker.

“It is always in our significance to get increasing number of professionals concerned in us. Most of our venture users come via the desirable quality of workers who have found value in our courses and have taken them up,” Kumar claimed in a statement to the media.

The scholarship program of company, that will take applications till the end of August, will choose students based on merit, evaluating factors such as willingness to learn, economic situation of the candidate, how much time the candidate can shell out for learning, how the course assists the candidate in his career course, and others.

The firm will provide courses in areas such as big data, cloud computing, project management, analytics, cyber security, and digital marketing. Based in Bengaluru and San Francisco, Simplilearn states to have taught more than 500,000 companies and professionals across more than 150 countries.

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