Smartphones to Diagnose Sleep Disorders when People are Awake

When we look and analyze a schedule of a normal person, we will notice that the person is having one or the other disorder. One common disorder that is found in any ordinary person is the sleeping disorder. And in today’s era, 90% of people work in the IT sector. When it comes to IT sector, stress is always associated to a person. And this is the main reason of sleeping disorder.

On the other hand, a solution to this problem has been introduced. We cannot claim it as a solution, but it can be said as a preventive measure. A new system has been developed in the smartphone that can analyze your sleeping disorder when you are awake.

“We have invented a new system which could assist in analysis of sleep disorders and OSA and in a systematic way,” said Yaniv Zigel. Yaniv works in Israel at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

“The audio-examination app can trace voice signals from subjects that are wide awake. Now, it is possible to get a quick estimation of the sleep disorder without any study including overnight sleep,” said Yaniv.

Yaniv made a smart move introducing this technology via smartphone and not any medical device. The reason behind this ―smartphones are present with humans for almost 24 hours. This will be easy for tracing and analysis. Also it will reduce the cost need for the same.

Let us hope that this tech will be a success and will help in solving the disorders.

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