Google has recently come up with a new option, that is, the “panic button” for the Android users so as to curb down the malware-related issues. Suddenly, the increase in the malware infecting the Android devices has resulted in developing such an option. Though Google hasn’t officially declared it still, if the sources are to be believed then it is true.

The recent CopyCat and SpyDealer malwares have infected millions of smartphones using the Android program. The company has hence developed the panic button feature for the Android 7.1 users in order to easily exit the malicious app. This isn’t a default feature and has to be enabled by the user if wanted.

Google’s Panic Button to Help Exit a Peril App

The new feature lets a user exit the infected app and return to the home screen even if the back button has been disabled by the malware. Once the button recognizes that the back button has been tapped, it quickly supersedes the app and enables the back button so as to make it possible to return to the home screen and delete the malicious app. The button has to be tapped four times so as to get activated but there can also be a change in the number as per the OEM-based functionality.

Though Google is trying to keep the secret hush from the users and the hackers, it is not going to stay like this long. Currently, the feature seems to be in the testing phase and will be made a default feature for the OS users in the future. Lately, looking at the malware attacks on the Android OS users, the picture of Google’s safety fades away. However, the introduction of such features makes it clear that Google is serious about introducing high-end safety measures for the Android OS users.

Google plans to paint the city with unique security measures and avoid the losses of data and ransom payment in the near future. Google is a company that is not going to let the malware attacks last longer as it has got a solution for most of it.

Let’s wait for Google to disclose the information regarding the new features launch.

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