Infrared Ray-Based Wi-Fi System with a Speed of 42Gbps

Nowadays, every other house has a Wi-Fi setup and the speed is what all matters to the users. Even with the best available Wi-Fi system, the maximum speed attained will not be more that 300 Mbit/second in total. But what if you would get a sped of 42.8 Gbit/second? Yes, you are reading it right.

Infrared Ray-Based Wi-Fi System with a Speed of 42Gbps

A research team at the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands, has developed a solution that can overcome the slow speed of Wi-Fi. The team believes to have attained a Wi-Fi speed of 42.8 Gbit/second, which is probably 100 times faster. The researchers have used a technology that is based on the use of harmless infrared rays.

According to Joanne Oh, lead researcher, not only the capacity is huge, that is, 40Gbit/second/ray, but also there is no requirement of sharing as each device is provided with its own ray. The team successfully acquired a speed of 42.8Gbit/second across a remoteness of 2.5 meters. If you compare this speed with the average connection speed available in the Netherlands, then you will find it to be 2000 times less, which is 17.6Mbit/seconds.

So far, the Eindhoven device has utilized light rays for only downloading, whereas uploads are still done with the use of radio signals. The system is quite simple and also cost-effective to set up. The wireless data is offered by a few central light antennas, for example, installed in the vault that are capable accurately directing the light rays provided by an optical fiber. Also, the system is maintenance free as it lacks moving parts and also no power is needed. The antennas consist of a grating pair that gives off light rays of diverse wavelengths at diverse angles. If you move around as a user and your tablet or smartphone go out of the line of sight of the light antenna, then a further light antenna takes over.

So, are you ready to surf at an amazing speed of 42.8 Gbit/second?

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