Here’s why smartphones with less internal storage are bad for gaming

If you are using your smartphone to play games, the internal storage of your device becomes a crucial element in deciding how the phone behaves normally when it is put under some pressure. This is been discovered through a new research.

It was found in a study conceded out by MAUJ Mobile Media Company that, of the overall users who took part in the gamer examination, approximately 70% used a mobile phone with 16GB of internal memory or less, leaving about 40% of users having an 8 GB or lesser internal device storage.

“Even between the gamers who utilize an external SD card, 20% of gamers fail to have an external memory card on their gadget while more than 30% just have an extra 8 GB of space,” the study revealed.

The experts discovered that most gamers have less than five games mounted in their mobile at a particular time.

“Cheap devices paired with low internal space on a mobile of gamers do not allow them to maintain ample games on the device since phone’s ability and overall performance rapidly falls due to low device space,” the study further discovered.

“As programmers look to seize users across country, they will have to aim their games to be inherently faster, smaller, and lighter—and not just generate small-fry replicas of hefty games,” the study further added to overcome this issue. Researchers also discovered that the fall in phone’s performance provoked both women and men gamers to uninstall a game.

So friends, avoid using a smartphone with low internal memory for playing heavy games for the benefit of your device and also to enjoy playing your favorite game.

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