Hitachi’s High-Speed Train Revealed And Ready To Go In UK


World has been drastically developing and is also shifting the mentality of the people around the globe. By developing we here mean implementation of speedy modes of transport.

Hitachi has disclosed its new high-speed intercity train at Hitachi Durham factory production facility.

The plant was inaugurated in 2015 just after the contract of £5.7 Billion was achieved to full fill the demand of express trains for Great Western and East Coast lines.

The official launch was witnessed in presence of Chris Grayling―transport secretary of UK and Japanese ambassador.

The overall contract was funded by the UK Government with an intention to enhance the commuting capacity and comfort for the passengers.

These trains will be operational between Birmingham, Manchester, London, and Leeds. Trains will also be running on other routes such as Durham, Darlington, and Newcastle on the East Coast main line.

As per the details, the initial production of 800 trains was done at Hitachi Kasado in Japan, but the model introduced on Friday was the first train Hitachi trains built in Britain. It has also been said that the foremost manufacturing of the 866 carriage fleets will be carried out in the UK itself.

The maximum capacity of the trains is 140 mph, but it has been reduced to 125 mph until the tracks are improved.

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