Fish scale inspired hand gloves

Isn’t animal skin product trendy? According to fashion fiestas, it definitely is a yes. Then try giving fish scales gloves on your hands a thought. The scientists have thus studied various basses puncturing their scales in order to study their properties under the microscope.
The scientists look at nature as an inspiration to find a solution for their problems. They have been trying to develop a protective glove for the factory workers which are flexible as well as resistant to piercing and puncturing. The closer look at the alligator’s gar has given them a solution.


After a detailed analysis of the fish scales interaction, deformation, and fracturing, the researchers have developed a technique for recovering these scales by covering a large surface area with a shell of ceramic tiles. With computing technology, the size and shape could be determined; and lastly can be arranged or overlapped on hand gloves to a protective layer which can resist piercing.

According to post-doctoral researcher Roberto Martini, the smaller fish scales proved more resistant than the larger ones due to tough collagen-based material in them. The fish scales have left the scientists spell bound.

Nature has been giving solutions to the problems engineered over the years. It’s just that the scientists are realizing it now. The biologists and engineers are now together developing tools or products using nature. The biologists are using engineering tools very often whereas the engineers are trying to discover answers using biology. Thus, their work together is going to help the field on a large scale making the whole process exciting.
In short, nature itself can solve engineering problems.

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