3 Popular Mobile Android OS Games

STACKThe Android Marketplace (the Google Play Store) is a remarkable place to find the latest and greatest time killers around.  Certainly, any mobile device user can tell you that the games and apps you find while perusing the Google Play Store will likely eat through your leisure hours as you try to best your score.  And it seems like every day there are new ways to approach mobile and social gaming for Android users at every level of play. Here are some of the most popular and notorious mobile games available on Android devices right now.


If you have been to an arcade recently—or what passes for them these days—you may have seen a tall white console with a simple red LED light board.  There may be a crane or other device, as well as shelves of prizes. There are several versions of this game but the goal is to stop the moving pieces so they connect the bottom to the top.  The pieces move faster with each tier and when you stop the moving pieces, any part of that platform not touching another piece is lost.

Stop the movement at the wrong time and you fall to your death—and walk away without a prize.

Well, STACK, from KetchApp is a lot like that.  The goal is to continue stacking moving pieces as tall as possible while lining them up properly.  As the pieces the shrink, the stacking becomes more difficult. Basically, the game is never ending and you win by besting your previous score.


Maybe one of the most popular games you never heard of, 2048 became so big—about two years ago—that it spawned so many clones, you may have been more familiar with one of them than the original title.  One play through of the game, though, and it is pretty easy to see why so many people became so quickly addicted.  As a number puzzler it is not necessarily for everyone, but its simple gameplay mechanic could win over just about anybody:  just combine identical numbers until you find the 2048 tile.

Sounds easy enough…but not many have done it.


Fans of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) might remember a simple 8-bit game called Marble Madness. Before the days of mobile gyroscopes that let you physically manipulate controls with tilts and turns, marble madness relied on an 8-way touchpad to maneuver a small marble through a virtual obstacle course.

Basically, ZigZag lets you do that with your mobile device. This is a new—or old, depending how you look at it—take on the endless runner game style.