Google Tries to Simplify Log-In Verification with 2-Step Google Prompt Authentication

Google PromptAs the mobile technology market continues to expand—and along with it, our interconnectedness—our need for better security also continues to expand.  Because of this, Google has chosen to release a new way of carrying out the two-step verification we have all come to expect—and somewhat dread—when attempting to log into a Google account.  Fortunately, this new update is simple—and therefore easy, and not much of a headache—by the device simply asking you to verify with a second “yes or no” tap.

True to form, Google calls this new two-step verification method “Google Prompt,” also offering it to Android mobile users as well as iPhone users.  Google argues that while this verification process involves an extra—albeit very simple—step every time you try to log in it is still much simpler than the one-time SMS code received from the Google Authenticator app.

But the “yes or no” verification is, actually, simpler because the SMS codes require the use of multiple devices to achieve the verification. This new version allows you to get the same verification with only the device you are using at the time of the attempted sign-in.

Of course, this new step still does nothing to actually do away with the passwords that have plagued all web and mobile users over the past few years. Still, the update does show an effort on Google’s part to, at the very least, continue to look for new ways to improve user experience, particularly on the go.

Perhaps more importantly, this move appears to demonstrate that Google pays attention to the experts and to the market.  Security experts have been recommending for some time now that two-step verification should become the standard. This is mostly in response to the past LinkedIn and MySpace password leaks that happen because many people reuse passwords across multiple accounts.

Indeed, this new two-step verification makes it a little easier for users to have the same password across multiple accounts because if the password is stolen or learned by someone else, they would still need to be able to click through on the device to verify authentication.

You can set up the Google Prompt option by going into your Google My Account page and clicking through Sign-In & Security > Signing In to Google > 2-Step Verification.