Kentucky Fried Chicken India Hopes New “Watt A Box” Will Entice Android Users

Watt A BoxThe fast food industry has been struggling across the world as food costs increase and consumer attitudes continue to shift further and further away from processed foods.  As such, of course, fast food chains have had to revamp menus and, particularly in the United States, have had to start adding nutrition information menus and restaurant walls.

This has also forced many companies to find new ways to not only encourage customers to try the new food but also, simply, to visit the establishments.  McDonald’s for example, started handing out Happy Meals in boxes that kid could be converted into Google Cardboard VR viewers.  It is an effort, of course, entice to younger audiences and parents who are permanently attached to their phones.

But now, it looks like Kentucky Fried Chicken—in India, at least—is focusing on making similar changes.  KFC India has partnered with Mumbai-based digital agency Blink Digital to offer something new and innovative to the Colonel’s loyal customers.

And so, the next time you visit a KFC in India you might be able to order a new item:

The Watt A Box

This item not only gives you a variety of tastes from the Colonel’s iconically flavorful menu but, perhaps most importantly, provides customers with a special 5-in-1 box that can also charge your mobile devices.

Basically, the box comes with a power bank inside that you can remove and take with you after you finish your chicken.  The box, though, also has a micro USB plug for Android devices (or a Lightning Cable for an Apple phone).

However, the only way you can get your hands on a Watt A box is to win a new contest being held at specific KFC locations in either Delhi or Mumbai.  KFC India has also announced an online contest on their Facebook page.

Supposedly, the power bank employs a 6100mAh charger but early tests have shown that it may not be the most effective at charging the newest, biggest, power-hungry mobile devices.  So this may not exactly be the most effective strategy at attracting the biggest mobile users in the country; and, if you think about it, Kentucky Fried Chicken is known for being “Finger Lickin’ Good” so perhaps encouraging people to take out—and probably also use—their phones may not make the most sense either.