What Will Android “N” Be Called, and What Features Will Come With the Update?

android nAndroid has recently announced its newest mobile software platform update, releasing the fourth preview version of the operating system on Wednesday. While it still does not have an official name, they are calling it Android N so you can speculate over which “N-named” sweet or candy they might be naming it after.

Right now, though, the latest developer preview version of the Android N software contains what some have called an Easter Egg that leads to the theme-shift in the naming scheme.  If you repeatedly tap on the Android version option, which is in the Settings/About phone menu, you will see a big letter N and a sign that reads:  “Namey McNameface.”

Now, this name is actually most likely a throwback reference to Boaty McBoatface. You may recall, this is a name that the public chose to give to a $200 million British research vessel, in April.  Of course, if you do know this story then you also know that this particular ship was eventually named the Sir David Attenborough; and the ship’s remotely-operated undersea vehicle was able to adopt the name voted on by the public.

Of course, there is no way to know for certain that Google/Android/Alphabet is going to stick with this “Namey McNameface” moniker; but it is more likely that they will maintain their candy/cookie/sweet treat theme.

The full version of Android N is supposed to hit devices in August, or maybe September,  to offer Android users several new features. This will include a split-screen mode, launcher shortcuts, a data-saving mode, seamless OTA updates, upgrades to power saving Android Doze feature, and even new emoji.

While adding all of these features, the final API for Google Android N essaywritingfast has also removed some features; and some of these features were highly-anticipated in earlier versions.  Most notably, this update has removed support for pressure sensitive screens.  However, the Launcher Shortcuts updates—which were supposed to be Android’s answer to Apple iOS’ 3D Touch icons—should render these very specific features less necessary.

Some users may be very excited to learn, too, that if you have a compatible device, you try the latest developer preview version right now.