Smartron India Launches Android and Windows Compatible Tablet and Mobile Cloud Devices To Compete in Today’s Market

Smartron India is a new technology startup that develops products designed for full Internet of Things integration. On Thursday, the company announced a new convertible tablet PC and a smartphone that is sure to help them raise the $25 million they need in the next quarter—across both domestic and international investors—to continue developing their new products and services and distributing them to Middle East, Russian, and Southeast Asian markets.

With this announcement, the company is definitely making it more well-known their intentions to present devices and technology which operates across consumer and enterprise verticals. The plan is to base the experience on a new platform—which the company is calling Hubtron—that will let devices communicate between each other, allowing Android and Windows devices to communicate over the “T-cloud”.

Smartron-t-bookFurthermore, the company has announced a virtual customer support program—which they call T Care—and a store—called T store, of course—which will sell third party devices. “The key difference is that all devices and accessories that we sell will be able to talk to each other,” clarifies Lingareddy while demonstrating how a message received on an Android phone can also show up on a Windows tablet.

Lingareddy goes on to explain that the idea is build an honestly global OEM company within its own solid ecosystem.

Smartron India was founded in August of 2014 by Mahesh Lingareddy, Narsi Reddy Posham, and Rohiti Rathi, who received strategic investment options from Sachin Tendulkar, who is a cricket legend-turned brand ambassador in India. While the company has remained underground since launch, they are finally coming to the public now that they have developed their infrastructure and products and are ready to compete in this highly volatile global market. While the products have been designed and engineered in India, the company says, “We have to be globally competitive and build world class products. And we have been working on these products out of India for the past two years.”

To be certain their hard work pays off, Intel’s director for consumption sales in South Asia, Anand Ramamoorthy comments that the company has “not taken a low-end processor” opting instead for the impressive Intel Core M.

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