Researchers Develop Model to help Internet Addicts Reduce their Usage

It is the era of Internet. Today, each and everything works on Internet. Whether it be online shopping and bank transaction or social media networking, Internet does it all. Buying of daily-need things is also possible via Internet. It has brought the world together. It made all difficult things to be done within fraction of seconds.

On the other hand, there are some side effects of this too. Even though it has brought the world together, people has gone far from each other. This led to evolution of new problem. Internet addiction!!! People spend countless hours in their room on one place surfing the net.

Well, there is solution to every problem. A new technique has been developed by experts at the Binghamton University that could assist the Internet addicts realize the current situation. By current here, we mean about their extreme usage of Internet. And this model is sure to help them reduce this problem.

Assistant professor at the same university, Isaac Vaghefi has invented this model on the basis of a theory in psychology which is known as cognitive dissonance. Even though he has refused to tell in depth of this theory, Isaac claims that his theory is 100% effective. Well it is obvious as to  why he is not disclosing about the model. Why in the world would anybody reveal about that one thing which can help a person gain a fortune?

Even though Isaac has refused to share any details, we are pretty sure that this new model will help in reducing the Internet addiction problem.

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