Microsoft Cortana Update New Features New Android (and other third-party) Integration

Microsoft was a little bit late to the mobile device game and as such its Windows mobile OS devices have not taken as quickly or thoroughly as its predecessors from Google and Apple. However, Microsoft has a firm grip on the PC and software market and has been able to make a few adjustments to remain relevant in this quickly changing technological environment. With the growing IoT market (Internet of Things), Microsoft is uniquely poised to implement vast software applications into the existing framework, regardless of who made it or how it works.

For example, Microsoft’s digital assistant—Cortana—is available on Android devices and the new update will launch with several new features. For one, Cortana will be able to track various notifications across any number of devices where the software is installed, regardless of which operating system is running it. Of course, this includes Android smartphones and tablet devices.

Microsoft CortanaIf you aren’t already aware, Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s popular Siri digital personal assistant (Google also has a voice-activated assistant). Of course, while many people might have an iPhone, most probably use Windows as their preferred PC operating system. Microsoft also develops software for many other types of machines but they also understand the complicated environment, so evolving Cortana to be more compatible—even with competing operating systems—is a smart move to make. This will allow Microsoft to remain relevant within this quickly changing integrated habitat.

The announcement of this update comes remarkably on the heels of a previous update in which Microsoft reported that the Cortana has been improved for general loading performance and now has a widget for voice searching.

In addition to Android notification tracking, though, Microsoft has also said the Cortana will soon be able to directly respond to SMS messages received by an Android device from any Cortana connected PC. This feature—and many more—are expected to come packaged with Windows 10’s anniversary update, which should launch at some point this coming summer. Of course, more news will also come between now and then as well.

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