Amazon Dash Buttons Now Available For $5

Amazon Dash Buttons are now available to Amazon Prime members for the price of $4.99 apiece. The buttons are advertised as an easier way to re-order supplies and are currently being offered as a “limited release.” They are expected to be shipped to Amazon Prime Members who buy them by July 31st.

Amazon first announced the Dash Buttons on March 31 of this year. The Dash Buttons are used to easily order household items with a press of the button. The buttons are tied to a specific brand rather than a specific product. You can set up a button to order whatever product from the brand in whatever quantity you desire, depending on what you use on a regular basis.

Amazon Prime members can purchase the button and have it directly connected to their in-house Wi-Fi system. The Amazon app on your smartphone is used to set up and manage the Dash Buttons. Once the product has been ordered, the button will send you a notification on your iOS or Android phone.

The small gadgets can be placed anywhere, such as inside a kitchen cabinet, on the laundry machine, or next to the dog’s food bowl. The company has ensured that the user won’t accidentally order multiples of the same product by programing the buttons to only order the item with the first press. The order is placed immediately when the button is pressed. The button will reset when the order has been delivered so that the user can order the same thing in the future.

The Dash Buttons are Amazon’s latest attempt to revolutionize the e-commerce industry. There are currently 18 Dash Buttons available. Brands in the program include Bounty, Tide, Cottonelle, Glad, Clorox, Gatorade, Maxwell House, Smartwater, Izze, Kraft, Larabar, Olay, Gillette, L’Oreal, Huggies, Gerber, Wellness, and Amazon Elements.

Amazon has also launched its new Launchpad program, increasing the ease in which new companies can launch, market, and distribute merchandise to Amazon customers. There is now more than 200 products available in the Launchpad store.

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