Google Sees Virtual Reality as Paving the Way for Augmented Reality

When it comes to hot technical topics heard around the world, most experts agree that virtual reality is the next big thing. Over the past several years, virtual reality has become a major focus for corporations including Google. In fact, there are numerous content providers and manufacturers already considering different opportunities for bringing their virtual reality options to the market. Among the most recent options is HTC Vive, which is already being shipped out to consumers.

Within the world of technology, virtual reality is highly important. Therefore, Google has already started investing heavily in that specific platform. For example, Google was the first company to introduce a more affordable adaptation of virtual reality when the Cardboard headset was introduced. Now, rumors are circulating that Google will increase its level of attention to virtual reality at the 2016 I/O event scheduled for May.

According to a recently published report from The Information, what makes Google different is that instead of seeing virtual reality as the most important technological advancement, it considers it a stepping stone for something far greater in the form of augmented reality. According to unnamed sources, several leading experts within the industry have stressed in private that for Google, augmented reality is the clear direction.

Referred to specifically as “mixed reality”, the concept involves fusing images with the real world and digital information. Although to some people this platform has a hint of Google Glass, the position where Google will likely profit most is information and images. Already, there has been small instances that give a better view of how Google sees augmented reality, which is a form of technology in which a computer-generated image is superimposed onto a person’s view of the real world to create a composite view.

While augmented reality is still a development for the future, as far as the direction that Google would like to take long-term, it appears that this is once again a big topic. Until technology catches up to make “mixed reality” viable, Google will continue to focus on virtual reality. However, many experts are excited about what the future holds, knowing that if any company can bring life to augmented reality, it is Google.