Google Brings Translation Feature and other Features to Google Now On Tap Services

Now On TapGoogle has recently introduced a new Now On Tap service that is already getting a keen upgrade. The list of features continues to grow as far as this service’s options but you can now add diverse translation services to its pallet.

Yes, Android users can now translate foreign text on any screen—in both mobile apps and web pages—into their native language. This includes pages that have multiple different languages.

It is important to note, though, that while Google Translate supports language translation in dozens of tongues, the Google Now on Tap feature is only supported on Marshmallow phone with default languages set to only German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, and, of course, English.

Of course, the Google Translate feature is nothing new on mobile Android devices. Just this Spring, for example, Android launched a new feature that lest users highlight text in any foreign language to get a pop up option that can translate it.  Now on Tap, though, should make this process almost automatic (instead of waiting for the user to send the command); the new function is activated by simply holding down the phone’s home button.

The company explains, on its Search blog, “So if you’re using Google Maps and come across a location or a restaurant review in a foreign language: just long press the home button and continue reading. You’ll even be able to translate multiple languages at once. “

But this is not all Google is adding to the Now On Tap feature.  The tech company is also adding a “Discover” button that is supposed to make it easier for users to discover related content like streaming video, news articles, and other relevant online content.

Google continues to describe: “For example, if you’re reading an article about Pluto and are interested in learning about NASA, discover mode will show you a stream of links to YouTube videos, news articles and more.”

And finally, Google has also added barcode identification and QR code support, which will allow users to get cards based on Search by image results.  Google claims that this can be used in a department store, for example, by scanning the barcode to see if there are any online reviews of the product.