Google Opens New Machine Learning Research Group in European Facility

New Machine LearningOver the past decade or so Google has made major headway in the realm of artificial intelligence (no pun intended) and continues to press onward as a leader in machine learning. And, perhaps in an effort to take a firm lead in this industry, Google has opened a new AI research facility in Europe. This new research facility is based in Zurich, Switzerland and will focus solely on making machines learn more like humans do.

Now, Google has already made it known—via one of its official blogs—that their largest research facility outside of the United States is already in Zurich. This is the very same research facility where scientists developed Google tech like Knowledge Graph and the AI-based conversation engine for Google’s smart chat software: Allo. By adding this additional, separate artificial intelligence division, it must mean that Google is ready to kick things into high gear.

If you look at Google’s most recent announcement, it becomes more clear, of course, that the company is moving quicker in the direction machine learning, focusing also on Natural Language Processing and Understanding and Machine Perception.

Machine Learning, of course, is the phenomenon which describes how machines/computers are able to learn without having to be programmed all the time. Basically, they are programmed to analyze and then incorporate information to write new code. And with every new bit of information they analyze, these machines can continue to alter the code.

The goal of this project, obviously, is to continue the development of a system in which machines can more closely mimic human thinking and learning. In the blog, Google also reminds that they have already been working on this for some time now, and that many of the products they have developed are already commonly in use today. If you have ever used apps like Google Photo (Image) Search, Google Translate, or Smart Reply, among many others, then you are, at the very least, acquainted with Google’s machine learning enterprises.

Indeed, Google’s announcement of the opening of this new facility should suggest they have something major in the works. With self-driving cars, phones that continue to become more and more diverse, and “smart” technology for the home all on the forefront major breakthroughs, Google may simply be positioning themselves to make huge strides in the years to come.