Google Android Pay Promotions Now Available on One Easy-to-Read Page

Android-PayIt was only a few years ago that the digital payments industry was dominated—and mostly limited—by PayPal. Owned by eBay, PayPal has long been the industry standard for secure online payments without using a credit or debit card. And while there really are no other systems like it online, alternative payments continue to grow as personal, consumer spending continues to grow on the internet.

Since the number of online payments continue to increase every year it appears that a new industry is emerging. Alternative payments—paying with something other than your credit or debit card—help to create differently secure avenues for online purchasing. And with that, the [mobile] web’s largest development entity continues to expand its digital payment service.

For example, Google has just launched a new website that lists all of the promotions currently available through Android Pay. Android Pay, of course, is Google’s mobile digital payment system that lets users pay with their phones (instead of taking out a credit card or a debit card). The promotions, of course, act as a way to encourage more users to adopt this payment system over those already in heavy use.

The new Android Pay promotions update, though, now lists all the promotions on a single, scrollable, mobile web page that should make it much easier for users to determine the best places to spend their money using the Android Pay app.

Here are a few Android Pay promotions currently being offered:
• Get a $5 discount for using Android Pay as your payment option through Eat24
• Enter ANDROIDPAY in the promotions box for $10 off your next Uber ride
• Use Android Pay for a $20 discount at 1-800-Flowers
• use Android Pay for a $20 discount at 1-800-Contacts

Keep in mind that some of the available promotions are only available to first time customers and that some are only available for a limited time; and still yet, some are only available in limited quantities (ie, the first 1,000 users who take advantage of the promotion). That is why Google updated the Android Pay promotions page: the new single page format makes it much easier for users to track what is currently available.

Users can download Android Pay from the Google Play Store, of course, but also keep in mind that the service is only available in the United States and the UK for now, with Australia and Singapore releases scheduled by the end of this year.