Apple Manufacturing Unit in Japan All Set To Use Renewable Energy

Today everyone believes in going the green way to save the environment. In addition to, Apple and its component supplier Ibiden together have taken up the decision of powering its entire manufacturing unit in Japan with 100% renewable energy. Ibiden provides products that help in bringing the integrated circuits and chip packages together in the Apple devices. The company has decided to invest and set up 20 renewable energy units. Additionally, a large floating solar photovoltaic system in the country has also been planned by the company.

Apple Manufacturing Unit in Japan All Set To Use Renewable Energy

About 12 MW of solar power will be produced from the renewable units set up by Ibiden which is more than that is required by the manufacturing unit of Apple in Japan. This is for sure going to help Japan reach its goal of zero carbon emissions.

According to Apple’s Vice President for Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson, Apple is proud to have a partner like Ibiden who believe in investing in the renewable energy as good source for the business as well as a clean energy source.

The smart energy technique is new way to help Japan meet the green energy goal. Ibiden not only helps Apple devices run faster and smarter but also plans in helping its manufacturing units in Japan operate using the solar powers.

As per Apple and its component supplier Ibiden, about 2.5 Billion kW hours per year of power will be generated for carrying out manufacturing of the products of Apple by next year. The major aim is to set up a great example for the other companies to transition from nonrenewable energy sources to renewable energy sources. Therefore, both the companies plan to push its global operators towards 100% renewable energy.

Apple is trying to save the environment by shifting from fossil fuels to clean energy. Lately, the company is using the renewable source for operation in almost 23 countries and almost 93% of the worldwide operators are using it too.

Apple can set up a great example for rest of the companies to use the clean energy for a better and safe environment.


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