WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned company, is testing yet one more feature in its beta variant on the Android platform. This time the instant messaging major has integrated launcher app shortcuts to its new version. These shortcuts permit users to authorize particular features within the app directly by clicking on them.

As spotted on Internet, the beta variant arrives with shortcut app launcher for the camera of WhatsApp. There is also a shortcut for starting new chats as well as authorizing starred chats (up to 3). As of now, these chats are chosen in any arbitrary order. On the other hand, the final variant may arrive with chats in a more sophisticated manner. For example, they might display starred chats or conversations that the users have pinned.

WhatsApp to Add Shortcut Launcher to its App

WhatsApp is also said to add some features in its app such as UPI-based payments, live location sharing, manage recall feature, and edit sent message. Unified Payment Interface is one more feature that might be in touch with millions of Indian WhatsApp users. The feature will allow them transmit money with no bother. The firm for now is in discussions about UPI incorporation with the government. Live location sharing that was seen on WhatsApp earlier this year for iOS beta version but has not been introduced out to the users yet. The feature might allow users to share live location for 2 Minutes, 1 Minute, or 5 Minutes.

Manage recall feature was first seen in a beta version in December 2016 on iOS. On the other hand, the feature is still to make an entry. This will allow consumers delete those messages that have been sent already. Edit sent message aspect would be analogous to the “recall” function that is claimed to be coming to the app soon. On the other hand, this will go a step ahead and permit the consumers to modify particular parts of a message that are sent as an alternative of deleting the whole text.

Let us see if all these features get integrated in the future. And if yes, will they please the users and be as popular as other features?

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