Hydrogen Fueling Pumps Is Similar to Gasoline Pumps Except For The Parts

There are various fuel alternatives developed to power a machine and to reduce the depletion of the fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel. The combustion of hydrogen and oxygen which produces electricity that powers the motor gives out only water and heat as emission. It delivers zero hazardous pollutants in the air after the energy is produced if compared to the conventional type of vehicles.

Hydrogen Fueling Pumps Is Similar to Gasoline Pumps Except For The Parts

But have you ever thought how a hydrogen gas pump works; do you have curiosity rendering in your mind to know it? If yes, let’s clear your doubts.


There are several ways to transmit the hydrogen to the pumps; majorly it is done by truck; same as gasoline. It can be developed on-site by separating the water and natural gas. It can also be supplied by pipes to a long range.

Vaporizing technique

Hydrogen majorly arrives in gaseous forms, but there is also a procedure to vaporize if it arrives in the liquid form. The heating tower converts the liquid form of the hydrogen into gaseous form.

Low to High pressure

Hydrogen once passes through the vaporizing process it has to be compressed to achieve high pressure. There are mainly two type of compression H35—half pressure and H70—full pressure.


The hydrogen gas is stored in a similar way the gasoline is stored. The only difference here is that gasoline is stored underground to avoid the leak and fire. On the other side, the leakage in the hydrogen tanks doesn’t combust easily, it just vents away.

Temperature factor

The hydrogen gas is passed through a heat exchanger before it reaches the pump. Cooling of gas helps to avoid the overheating and speed fueling.

The pump is just like your normal gas pump which has various nozzles to fill it up. An average fueling time for hydrogen is 4-5 minutes which depends on the expected pressure and ambient temperature.

Hope now you will be aware of the facts how the hydrogen pump works.

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