Non-NTFS Drives Will Be No Longer Supported By Onedrive

Yes, we know all would be surprised by the unexpectedly dropped OneDrive file sync backing for non-NTFS drives. Consequently, this move has witnessed several complaints from consumers. Thus, the users with ReFS or FAT32 file system-based removable drives will not be able to utilize OneDrive storage any longer owing to this support removal.

This change was made with an upgrade for OneDrive that disabled the support for file syncing for all older file systems such as FAT32 and exFAT together with the new ReFS. Microsoft, with this new update, has essentially fixed a bug that assisted in supporting for non-NTFS files. Several OneDrive users took this to Microsoft’s own community as well as Redditto criticize about the change.

Non-NTFS Drives Will Be No Longer Supported By Onedrive

Several users started getting an error message after the update displaying, “The location where you were trying to create OneDrive folder belongs to a drive with the unsupported file system. To have OneDrive use a different location, click ‘Set up OneDrive’ and point OneDrive to an NTFS drive. To use the existing location with OneDrive, you need to format it with NTFS then click ‘Set up OneDrive’ to configure your account.”

So, “For what all this was done?” would be the primary question in the users’ mind. And finally, the company came up with an explanation saying, “Microsoft OneDrive desires to make certain that users on Windows have the best likely sync experience, which is why OneDrive preserves the industry norm of NTFS support. Microsoft discovered a cautioning note that should have occurred was absent when a user tried to store on a non-NTFS file system their OneDrive folder that was instantaneously remedied.”

Further, Microsoft mentioned that no other variations have been done to OneDrive saying, “Nothing has altered in terms of authorized support and all OneDrive folders will carry onneeding to be placed on a drive with the NTFS file system.”

The Redmond giant may have done alterations for a better good but the users of OneDrive are cranky about the fact that the firm did not direct a cautionary before creating the final variations. The OneDrive of the users synced to file systems such as FAT32, ReFS, or exFAT drive will need to format those drivesnow to NTFS and again, re-syncs.

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