James Parker – Editor 

James Parker has over 30 years experience writing financial and business news. He has been published on numerous news, entrepreneur and finance sites, including Business Insider and the Huffington Post.

Gordon Jackson

What makes business writing so exciting for me is all the different angles involved. For instance, I write about start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, trends, travel, technology, and even gadgets, software, and applications that benefit business owners, plus more. With so much diversity, I have never feel bored throughout my 30-year writing career. My ultimate goal is to create content that informs and educates both business owners and everyday people.

Unlike some business writers, I strive to keep my style easy. As a result, I have gained a loyal following of readers. My other passion in life is my family and friends. Typically, my wife, children, and a group of other people spend the weekends swimming, barbecuing, boating, and just enjoying life to the fullest.

Shauna Rogers

Regardless of the type or size of industry, my blogs, articles, e-books, and other publications are dedicated to business. Because I feel so strongly about providing readers with current, valid, and exciting news, I also spend time as a guest speaker for conferences, seminars, and symposiums around the country. Although my writing covers a broad range of business-related topics, I tend to gravitate to the analytical side of things, including trends.

On a personal note, I have been married to my wife Julian for the past seven years. We are just now expecting our first child in the fall. As a professional writer herself, we have a unique bond and the ability to bounce ideas off one another for even more compelling business content.

Sally Martinez

Due to economics, this is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to start their own business. To be successful in this type of endeavor, it is imperative for these individuals to learn as much as they can and stay on top of business news, especially for their own genre. However, with my business writing, people with existing companies also have access to critical information that gives them an edge over stiff competition.

I take immense pride in the content that I produce, always working hard to help anyone within the business sector. While working on my master’s degree in writing, I met my wife. We recently celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and while we have no children, we do have a pack of animals, including three dogs, one cat, a parrot, and two frogs.