Intel Dismisses Wearables Division

Intel appears to have canceled its plans to operate on wearables. The firm, as per the sources, in 2016 claimed that it has no strategy to do so. But as per a latest report by CNBC, it has been rumored that the firm has dismissed the entire division. The division operated on the fitness trackers and smartwatches. It has been further disclosed that the firm has moved the focus to augmented reality from wearables.

CNBC claims that Intel back in November 2016 slashed off 80% of the division. So this time the firm is letting go a handful of workers. It has been reported that most of the workers from the wearable division of Intel came from Basis. Now, Basis is a wearable production company. This information was given by one of the sources having deep knowledge of this matter.

Intel Dismisses Wearables Division

Intel is yet to verify if it has canceled its plans to work on wearables. On the other hand, it might disclose a little information during the quarter two earnings’ call being conducted later this month. This data too was revealed by a source having deep knowledge of this matter.

According to the latest reports, Intel is functioning on fresh chips to contend with GPUs of NVIDIA. The company is claimed to commence trading chips dubbed as “Knights Mill” for the machine learning industry later this year. The firm is also working on “Knights Crest” chips that will deal with deep neural systems.

Intel lately also disclosed that it will spend Rs 1,100 Crore in India with the intention of setting up a fresh research and development (R&D) center. The new center will be distributed across an 8-acre campus and will create almost 3000 jobs over the coming 1.5 Years. The facility will also contain hardware design services center and computer software development center.

In May this year, the firm rolled out its Intel Core X series. The series comprises the high-end i7, i9, and i5 processors, all of which are planned for a particular bunch of users such as creators or game players who create personalized gaming rigs.

Let us see what the next move of company is.

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