AMD Launches Ryzen 5 Range of Desktop CPUs

AMD, abbreviated for Advanced Micro Devices, has introduced 4 different new devices to add to its series of Ryzen 5 CPUs. The new processors of the devices are argued to provide “far above the ground” performance to creators and gamers. The firm also assures up to 87% additional performance as matched up to rival Intel’s flagship high-end Core i5 model. The processors are available at all the leading offline and online e-stores starting from April 2017.

AMD Launches Ryzen 5 Range of Desktop CPUs

Advanced Micro Devices’ new range includes two 4-core and two 6-core models, all attributing SMT, abbreviated for Simultaneous Multithreading Technology. The 1600 and 1600X models are developed for easy broadcasting and smooth gaming. Conversely, the 1400 and 1500X are developed for enhanced performance gaming and come with SenseMI technology of the company that can study the utilization patterns to get used to user needs.

Coming to the launch, AMD’s general manager of graphics and computing group and senior vice president Jim Anderson said, “AMD Ryzen is an established game-changer, eventually carrying competition and innovation back athwart PC market sections, and we are eager to initiate the next level of AMD Ryzen processors in the market this year. AMD Ryzen 5 invigorates the mid-range segment of the desktop and PC market, providing users outstanding pricing while offering an impressive and smooth general experience, whether for demanding applications or high-performance gaming.”

Speaking about the price tags, the 1600 and 1600X comes with a price tag of Rs 15,799 and Rs 18,199, respectively. Alternatively, the 1400 and 1500X are associated with a price of Rs 12,199 and Rs 13,799, respectively.

Advanced Micro Devices lately declared that it has got its hands on key engineering talent and intellectual property (IP) from Austin-based Nitero. The getting hold of is intended at allowing subsequent generation of wireless Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets.

Well, let us see if the new processors of the Ryzen 5 desktop CPU series will dominate the market or not. If the processors are what the company claims of then it is time for its rival Intel to start worrying. Let us hope for the best.

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