New Virtual Girlfriend Can Be Your Date for the Night

Imagine a scenario where it is Saturday night and you wish to have a date with special person, but you are too exhausted to get off the sofa. FutureLeap, the Japanese company, states that it has just the stuff for in-the-mood lazy potatoes with a virtual reality network so rational that you would vow that cyber date is the best invention of the mankind till date. The firm rolled out its high-tech romance tech in Tokyo at the 3-day Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality exhibition.

New Virtual Girlfriend Can Be Your Date for the Night

At FutureLeap’s stall, a young prototype tosses balloons in the air as she kneels on a fluffy carpet, blows bubbles, and flirts with the individual wearing VR headgear who is located some 2 Meters (6.5 Feet) away. He gets nothing but air when he reaches out to touch her shoulder. When she murmurs into the gadget though, he can feel on his ear the sensation of her breath. Most virtual reality romance apps feature an animated friend relatively than a real person, claimed Tomoyuki Takahashi, a company employee.

“But in this scenario, you experience the genuine sensation as if you were together alone with a woman who is exactly of your kind,” he claimed.”This kind of realistic experience will become the major drift in virtual reality tech.” Other firms have even moved away from techs that need a VR headset, substituting it with motion sensors. Shohei Tsuji, CEO of LiveCartoon, wrapped from toe to head in the motion sensors when demonstrating the newest product of the company by displaying off his best dance moves while an attractive lady anime character on screen imitated his steps.

Tsuji claimed that the system can be employed by retailers who want to cooperate with users by having the character connect passersby while the individual who handles the character remains behind the scenes. “With this technology you can have animated characters speaking straightly to users,” he claimed.

Well, one thing is clear that the technology had made many advancements and having a virtual girlfriend is one of them. But make sure to not get addicted to it or else you might end up marrying her.

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