Google Play Movies Gets Support To 4K HDR Streaming

In December 2016, search major Google declared the accessibility of 4K stuff on its TV and Play Movies app. Enhancing on the same feature even further, the tech major has now started introducing out 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) support for particular TV shows and movies provided via TV and Play Movies.

Google Play Movies Gets Support To 4K HDR Streaming

Having said this, the feature is only obtainable to consumers in Canada and the U.S. only. The firm claimed in a blog post, “HDR permits for pictures with a broader range of color and brightness. You will mechanically get HDR quality if you have purchased both the 4K and UHD title and your TV shows support to HDR content.”

The company further claimed that in order to stream 4K UHD titles, consumers will require a reliable speed of download of at least 15 Mbps. They will also require a Chromecast Ultra dongle and a compatible TV. It is worth highlighting that Amazon and Netflix have been showing support to HDR streaming even on mobile gadgets for quite some time.

Earlier this year, the company rolled out subscription to Google Play Music in India across various platforms comprising Android, iOS, and Web. As a preliminary offer, Google had given a discounted subscription plan of Rs 89 each month, for consumers who registered within in the initial 45 Days.

Subscription to Google Play Music permits consumers to get limitless authorization to 40 Million exclusive international and local hits. Consumers, for offline listening, can also download the songs. The app asks over users about their position while downloading songs and playlists can be altered on the basis of location too.

Also, a major redesign was received by Google Earth a few months back with a new layout and several features such as the I’m Feeling Lucky dice, browser support, 3D toggle, and more. Another feature is the Voyager section that offers you curated stories and content to explore on Google Earth. This feature received an all new “play live video feeds” from selected places around the world. All the platforms supporting Google Earth can get updated with this new feature.

Well, let’s hope that the company brings more updates to its products.

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