Waymo and Lyft to Join Forces for Self-Driving Cars

Waymo!!! Have you heard of the name? For those who are not aware of Waymo, it is the self-driving car unit of Alphabet—Google’s parent company. And now, Waymo has arrived at a contract with Lyft, the ridesharer, to check the technology for self-driving car. Both the firms made this official last week.

Waymo and Lyft to Join Forces for Self-Driving Cars

Lyft and Waymo are combining forces in opposition to ridesharing major Uber, which is battling to expand its individual self-driving cars. “We are gazing forward to functioning with Lyft to discover innovative self-driving goods that will put together our roads secure and transportation more easily reachable,” a spokesman at Waymo claimed to the media.

“The commitment and vision of Lyft to enhance the way metropolises move will aid self-driving technology of Waymo get in touch with more people in new places.” A spokeswoman at Lyft verified the joint venture between both the companies to the media, which made the story viral. “Waymo embraces best self-driving technology in the today’s world, and working together with Waymo will pace our common vision of enhancing lives with the best transportation in the world,” is the statement made by Lyft.

Uber and Waymo are presently busy in a bitter lawful argument. In February 2017, Waymo filed a court case saying that a previous manager stole technical information when he left to open a rival business enterprise that was later obtained by Uber.

The majority of chief automakers and various other technology companies have been taking up labors on autonomous driving in last few years and competing these organizations will get rid of the huge number of road accidents. Apple, the Cupertino-based giant, is the latest to have acquired a testing authorization in California.

Daimler, German luxury car manufacturer, and Bosch, the auto parts supplier, declared their strategy this month to operate together to make fully driverless cars in the coming years. Tesla, the U.S.-based giant, is also taking up efforts, as are different Chinese technology companies along with firms in Asian, the U.S., and European regions.

It seems that the whole world is making efforts to launch driverless cars and seeing the current situation we will soon be able to witness one.

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