Note-Taking App “Bear” Now Includes Sketching and Stickers

Note-Taking App “Bear” Now Includes Sketching and Stickers

As humans, we tend to forget many things. So it is always better to make a note of things you want to do or any other details. There are several note-taking apps available at present. Bear, which is also a note-taking app by Shiny Frog, an Italian design firm, has witnessed a wave of popularity in recent times as a substitute for apps such as bloated Evernote, basically owing to its speed and simple design. The firm has been making good efforts to keep the app up to date.

Note-Taking App “Bear” Now Includes Sketching and Stickers

And yet again, following the version 1.1 launched in March, the firm is back with the addition of few more features in the latest update version 1.2. The previous update has added things such as merging multiple notes, Touch Bar support, and more features for tags. And the latest update comes with new features such as custom app icons for iOS, sketching, and support for VoiceOver accessibility feature of Apple.

From all the above-mentioned features, what grabs the most attention is the new sketching feature. It has added a simple digital drawing board to add diagrams and doodles to notes for the iOS. It consists of 2 distinct brushes and each brush is available in 3 diverse widths and a broad range of colors. The user can use a stylus or his/her finger, including Apple Pencil available on the iPad Pro, and the drawing get synced across your Mac, iPad, and iPhone only if you are a Bear subscriber. What the users need to note here is that on your iPad or iPhone, you can only edit and create a drawing, whereas, on Mac, the user can view their scribbles. The images stay as attachments to text notes similar to any other image brought by you into Bear.

The other feature that is added in this update is the visual theme of the app. Now, if you alter the theme of the app, it will also alter the dock icon on your Mac or the home screen icon on your smartphone. An individual can get subscribed to the services of the Bear app at $1.49 for a month or $14.99 for a year.

The best way of keeping the subscribers connected is by trying to keep them happy and offering them a user-friendly experience, isn’t it?


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