What Is This New Project Mira By Flipkart?

What Is This New Project Mira By Flipkart?

Internet business concept has already impacted the brick and mortar based businesses. The owners selling their products through a traditional way are now adopting the technique of online business to experience the magic of the internet based business store. It can be assured that there will be no shopping without internet platforms. In the age of digitalization, there are some machine based innovations waiting to replace your manual mode shopping concepts.

What Is This New Project Mira By Flipkart?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are new tools that are going swing its magical wand around the globe and that magical wand will be owned by every corporate to make their seller experience more precise and automated.

Flipkart can be termed as first India based company to plan and implement a shopping assistant based on artificial intelligence named as “Project Mira”.

The company is presently working on an approach that will enable its customer to shop like they do it offline staying online. Quiet confusing right? Let’s make it clear. The project Mira will help buyer to search as per his requirement, get personalize recommendations same as the shopkeepers do. It makes the online shopping experience interactive and live. The project’s beta version was launched in February this year.

The company aims a vision of utilizing a new technology advancement to completely renovate the shopping methods of the Indian customers. Flipkart also secretly runs experiments on its website and app to get an ideology of the customers purchasing techniques and its needs.

The very first version of this project includes the questionnaire of the related products, shopping tricks, filters, and even the offers and discounts that currently running on the searched product.

Though this technology has been already innovated by Amazon and eBay on the global e-commerce platform, Flipkart has an added advantage of the availability of the user data to identify the customer’s requirement and shopping experience more simple.

As per the analysis of Flipkart through the data, out of four products purchased on Flipkart there is one replacement or return case in total number of orders specifically in the categories like accessories and clothing. This new technology will predict the exact requirement of the user by using various algorithms and virtual assistance to reduce this errors right in the first place before the customer checks out with irrelevant product.


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