Canon India Aims To Increase Retail Footprint

In an attempt to realize imaging sector potential in the country, Canon India, the digital imaging firm, is aiming to extend its retail centers all around the nation.

Talking with the media in the capital on the roll out of its “EOS 6D Mark II” DSLR camera this week, President and CEO of Canon India, Kazutada Kobayashi, claimed, “We have already crossed 232 ‘Canon Image Square’ retail stores in the nation. Our aim is to cross 260 by the end of this year”.

“The growth will not only happen in metros but also in tier III and tier II towns. Logically, the dimension of the stores lean to get small in smaller cities than metros but the operation will be the same,” Kobayashi further added while speaking to the media.

Canon India Aims To Increase Retail Footprint

To further expand knowledge in the printing area, the firm has rolled out Dreamlabo, commercial inkjet photography printer, in the country.

“The ‘Dreamlabo’ that gives high definition album of picture is particularly planned for family occasions. In the coming time, we need to see frames of picture placed at office desks and hanging on the walls of every home,” Kobayashi further added while addressing to the media.

Accepting the significance of after-trade services in the Indian industry, the firm is paying attention to give top services to its users.

“We just started up new master service center in Ahmedabad. We are also enhancing the logistics system to transport the devices for revamp from several cities and towns to the master service centers,'” Kobayashi told the media in an interview.

When the topic ends on GST, Kobayashi anticipates the small functional hiccups to be settled within couple of months.

“In the B2C sector, the biggest demand is made by cameras and users were attentive of 28% GST on camcorders and digital cameras. So there is no huge shock and we were all geared up for this,” claimed Kobayashi.

“Although we do not have a tangible plan for a hardware production plant at this moment in time, we may start one in coming time based on our hunt for factory locations,” Kobayashi further added.

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