Amazon Launches “Try-Before-You-Buy” Service Inc. wishes to convert your living room into a beautiful fitting room.

The e-commerce major, currently one of the biggest clothing vendors in the United States, this week revealed a test scheme named as Prime Wardrobe. Fraction of the Amazon Prime shopping association, the new update will permit users to order 3 or more goods without having to pay for them straight.

Users will have a time frame of 1 week post receiving their products to make a decision as to which products they wish to return and which they wish to buy before being charged.

Amazon Launches “Try-Before-You-Buy” Service

It is the newest venture by Amazon into groceries and apparel, categories that have been sluggish to move online. Last week the company claimed it will purchase grocer Whole Foods Market Inc. for $13.7 Billion, an insistent step into the brick and mortar retail industry and probably a plan for receiving goods to urban users’ doorsteps quicker.

Prime Wardrobe shows one more way by which the company is pushing individuals to register for Prime—its $99 each year scheme that comprise 2-day streaming video and shipping. The company has discovered that presuming these additional costs is worth it since Prime members purchase more products, more often on the website.

Up-surging sales of apparel are already assisting Amazon to challenge Macy’s Inc. as the leading retailer in the industry. Prime Wardrobe may add more stress.

“If I was Macy’s, I would be frightened by this,” said Bridget Weishaar, the Market Analyst. “Amazon is giving a very suitable way to prevent going to shops,” he added further.

The Prime Wardrobe scheme comprises over 1 Million products from accessories to shoes and clothing. Shoppers get a 20% discount when they keep 5 or more products. Items are delivered in a re-sealable package for returns with a prepaid label.

In short, looking at the big picture, the acquirement of the company on Whole Food Market and the new Prime Wardrobe scheme all together sums up to give one conclusion—it is now next to impossible to stop Amazon. The company has been taking various steps for its development and these are few among them.

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