Global Non-PVC IV Bag Market 2017 – Baxter, Fresenius Group, B.Braun, Otsuka, Cisen Pharmaceutical

Non-PVC IV Bag MarketThe report that is written on the titled Non-PVC IV Bag Market 2017 covers all the aspects of the global market study. This report has an estimation about the Non-PVC IV Bag Market size in terms of value (US$). The report contains the broad segmentation of the market. The report provides the information about the Non-PVC IV Bag Market and also forecasts its position in the coming years.

Non-PVC IV bags are intravenous bags made of non-PVC (non-polyvinyl chloride) film. The non-PVC IV bag multilayer co-squeezed film are mainly PP, SEBS, PB, SEBS-PE, PP, PET, PA, PS, PC, etc. Due to its advantages other than safety and compatibility of drug products, the non-PVC infusion bag has strengths on the market and gains its popularity. First, the infusion bag can be emptied autonomously during infusion to avoid secondary pollution caused by introduction of ambient air. Secondly, it is lightweight, impact resistant and unlikely to fall for convenience of transportation. Thanks for its superior safety and chemical stability, the application of Non-PVC film is greatly extended, from routine IV solution in the earlier phase such as glucose injection and sodium chloride solution, to current electrolyte injection, nutrient injection and injection for treatment with high added value.

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Overview of Non-PVC IV Bag market:

Non-PVC IV bag production, which measures output worldwide, was expected to reach 5,763 million units in 2016 with an increase of 7.64% from its year-earlier level. The global Non-PVC IV bag market size is estimated to grow from USD 1,847.67 million in 2011 to USD 2,604.81 million by 2016, at an estimated CAGR of 7.1% between 2011 and 2016. With regards to this, key players of Non-PVC IV bag industry are expected to find potential opportunities in this market.

Global Non-PVC IV Bag Market Analysis: By Key Vendors
Fresenius Group
Cisen Pharmaceutical
Huaren Pharmaceutical
CR Double-Crane
Shijiazhuang No.4
Zhejiang Chimin
Shandong Hualu

The Non-PVC IV Bag market report incorporates the major products which are in high demand currently along with their cost breakup, manufacturing volume, import/export scheme and contribution to the Non-PVC IV Bag market revenue worldwide.

Finally, the report provides us with detailed market research finding and conclusion which helps the subscriber to develop profitable market strategies which will help to gain competitive advantage.

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