Kul Kamadia

Kul Kamadia

The Persian term karsazi implies spiritual dues, which was gathered via the approved men and women versus each individual spot inside India. All through the racing rivals hack tool short article-Alamut interval, the musafir was the tithe-collector in just the period of Pir Shams. Inside Sind, the tithe-collector was identified as khiyto, within just Gujrat the bawa and the vakil within just Kutchh. In just the period of Pir Taj al-Din, 2 eminent brothers experienced embraced Ismailism, viz. Shah Kapur and Shah Nizamuddin. Shah Kapur and his descendant conducted the position of accumulating non secular dues within just India and transferred towards the Imam in just Iran. Later on upon, the ministry grew to become acknowledged as the darga’howdy, and the ra’hi there was the travelling minister stationed at the dharkhana metropolis. Ra’howdy Ram Kunwer died within 1916 and with it the place of work of the ra’good day was abolished.

Within just the period of Imam Shah Khalilullah II, the choice and holding of the spiritual dues assigned in direction of the Kamadia of each and every Jamatkhana. Shortly later on, an business office of the Kul Kamadia was designed within just each and every province. The phrase Kul Kamadia usually means “the (thoughts) of all the Kamadias.” He was the Treasurer of a province, and gathered the non secular dues versus the Kamadias of every district and province and deposited toward the principal treasury, identified as the Itmadi Division within Bombay. The Provincial Councils functioned within the localities including Kathiawar as the province of Kathiawar. The province was destroyed into sub-divisions. In just this preset-up and material, there was a Kul Kamadia within just step, who too appointed his assistants for the divisions down below his jurisdiction. The harmless within just each and every Jamatkhana was regarded as Sarcar Sahibi Tijauri, whose a single main remained with the Mukhi and other with the Kamadia. After inside a thirty day period it was opened inside existence of Mukhi, Kamadia and the praganna kamadia (divisional kamadia). The variety was furnished towards him, who gave them a receipt. The praganna kamadia wa

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