How To Easily Make Floating Candles

How To Easily Make Floating Candles

Since wax floats on water, floating candles are simply made with ordinary paraffin wax. The shape of the candle is important, because it needs to be wider than it is tall in order to float successfully and not capsize. Most craft stores will carry of variety of molds, some even have multiple molds that will allow you to make several small candles at a time.

To make small floating candles, you will need:
Primed wick
8 oz. paraffin wax
2 T Stearin
Water bath (optional)
Craft knife or sharp blade
Pan lined with foil

Steps to Making Floating Candles

1. Prime your wick by dipping it into melted wax several times. This is to prevent the wick from absorbing water when the candles are floating. Then, cut the primed wick into equal lengths, long enough for each candle, plus a little extra which will be used to tuck under and secure the wick to the mold.

2. Insert a wick through the wick hole in each mold, then fold the end of the wick over against the bottom of the mold and seal the wick firmly to the mold with mold seal. (If the mold you have chosen doesn’t have a wick hole, you will need to make one in the bottom of each mold. This is usually only necessary if you have purchased a plastic mold.)

3. Heat the wax to 180^F. Add the Stearin and any color you desire. After the wax has melted, fill each mold to the top. It’s possible your wicks may fall to one side, but they can real racing 3 hack tool be straightened later.

4. Now it’s time to let the molds cool. Either set them aside and wait for them to cool down or place them in a water bath. However, if you choose to use a water bath to dragon city hack cheats tool speed up the setting process, be careful that the mold does not tip and your paraffin ends up in the water bath. I personally don’t believe it making it any harder than it needs to be, so I just let them sit right where they are until they have cooled down.

5. When the surface is beginning to be set, but still soft, pull each wick upright. If you do this while the candle wax is still soft, it will give the wax a chance to settle and you’ll end up with a smoother result.

6. Let the candles completely cool. Since the floating candles are small, there should be minimal sinking and you should not need to top them off. After they are set, remove the mold seal from the bottom of the mold. Straighten the wicks underneath and the candles will drop out of the mold easily.

7.With a sharp knife or craft blade, cut the underneath wick flush with the candle base.

8.Heat a pan lined with foil, press the base of each candle down onto the foil. This will melt the base slightly and seal the end of the wick. This is important, if your wick isn’t properly sealed, your candle will take on water and won’t burn.

With your candles finished, all you have to do is design your centerpiece. You might want to add flowers in a complimentary or contrasting color to the bowl. Sometimes I put large clear racing rivals hack ios marbles in the bottom of the bowl, it just seems to give the centerpiece more depth. The marbles are visible but don’t detract from the candles and daisies floating on top. Since floating candles tend to float low in the bowl, their flames are reflected up the glass bowl making a really pretty centerpiece.