How To Easily Go Up And Down Stairs With A Big Wheeled Luggage Cart

How To Easily Go Up And Down Stairs With A Big-wheeled Luggage Cart

The thing I like best about a luggage cart is that it makes the job of moving heavy stuff so much easier on mortal kombat x hack ios the back. Experts say that more people are injured from carrying loads improperly, than from lifting them improperly and a luggage cart does the carrying for you. The back you save may be your own.

If you have purchased a luggage cart with big six-inch wheels you can easily roll your load up and down a staircase, but don’t try this on bags with tiny built-in wheels. You might scratch the cover on a wheeled bag which will scrape the edge of the curb or stairs, so it would probably be best to do the traditional “lift it up and carry it” on a bag with tiny wheels.

But?weren’t you trying to eliminate the “lift and lug” by buying the bag with wheels in the first place? You really will eliminate the lift and lug if you purchase a big wheeled luggage cart instead. And with a luggage cart you can stack quite a few bags, which removes the “juggle and struggle”, too. Put the fun back into travel by using a luggage trolley to manage all your personal bags and baggage on one cart.

The following techniques may also work with a small-wheeled cart, but keep in mind, that larger wheels extend much farther out beyond the metal parts of the cart making the job easier. A six-inch wheeled cart just simply is made for the job of going up or down stairs, and curbs. The advantage of the big wheels is that the wheels, themselves, actually roll up or down the vertical portion of the stairs so you don’t have to shoulder the bags up the stairs.

A. Technique for rolling your luggage cart up a curb:

1. Approach the curb straight on and step up onto the curb
2. Take another step to roll both wheels of the cart right up next to the curb wall
3. Do a slight lift, rolling the cart up the wall of the curb as you
4. Continue walking in the direction you are headed

Notice that you did not have to stop, you did not have to bend over and pick the cart up off the ground, the cart simply rolled up the curb and you went right on walking. The six-inch wheels are what make this smooth natural motion happen.

If you are going up stairs you will be using the same “rolling up the wall” technique as above but since you have more than one stair to climb the process is different. What follows is the detailed description of a very simple move. Once you get the hang of it, stairs will no longer be a challenge for you, either. If you are normally able to walk up steps, you should be able to walk up steps with a big wheeled cart behind you, too.

B. Technique for taking a real racing 3 hack tool loaded luggage cart up a flight of stairs:

1. Approach the staircase straight on, place your free hand on the banister, or wall, for stability and support.
2. Walk up the first step normally.
3. If you are pulling the cart with your left hand, walk up each succeeding step with the left foot. (This will make your left leg do the lifting and not your back.)
4. Keep your left arm close to your body while continuing to grip the cart handle with your left hand.
5. Step up onto the second stair with your left foot.
6. When you begin stepping up onto the second step, roll both wheels of the cart up to the wall of the first step behind you.
7. When you step up the second stair, the cart will simply roll up with you as your leg lifts you up ?the cart will now be on the first step behind you. (You are on the second step, the cart is on the first step)
8. Step up onto the third stair with your left foot again, keeping your left arm close to your body (you will be stepping up 8 ball pool hack each stair with the same foot repeatedly)
9. As your left leg goes up the third stair, the cart in your left hand will simply roll up the step behind you right along with you.
10. Continue until you are standing on the landing ?the cart will always be one step behind you, so when you reach the top of the stairs, the cart still has one more step to go.
11. Roll the luggage cart up the final step and continue on to wherever you are headed.

I tried to relate the mechanics of the technique in as detailed a manner as possible, but if that was confusing to you, simply remember to:

a. Use the same leg as the hand holding the cart to step up each step.
b. Keep your back upright with your arm close to your body and step up each step with the same leg. (The cart will simply follow you up the stairs. You will not be using either your arm or your back to lift. Your leg will be doing all the lifting.) And
c. You really should be holding the banister with your free hand for stability.

C. Technique for rolling down a curb:

1. When you approach a curb that you need to step down, turn the cart around (with the load in front and the wheels in back, closest to you) and place the cart parallel to the curb.
2. Stand next to the cart.
3. Step down with the leg closest to the cart, keeping your back upright while
4. Simultaneously pushing/rolling the cart down the wall of the curb.
5. When both you and the cart are on the pavement turn the cart around again on it’s wheels, check the traffic, and continue walking as you pull the cart along behind you.

Going down a curb should be as easy as going up and you should not feel any back strain at all, because, again, you will be bearing the moving load of the cart with your leg. If you practice it a couple of times you should get the hang of it.

The technique for going down stairs is exactly the same as going down a curb, you just repeat it over and over. And, since a stair case should have a banister or railing, hold on to it for stability.

There you have it. If you have ever wrestled up or down stairs or even over a curb with a bag with tiny wheels on it, using a big wheeled cart should be quite an improvement. The large six-inch wheels really will make toting a load of stuff very much easier on the body and your mind, too. Happy Travels!