How To Dress For The Prom

How to Dress for the Prom

The most important part of prom for a high school girl may not be mortal kombat x hack ios the actual night. In the weeks leading up to the event, she&25251;l spend hours talking to her friends for ideas, designing her dress, planning transportation and with whom she wants to attend. It&25263; a way for 8 ball pool hack tool senior girls to bond together and enjoy the months leading up to graduation. There&25263; no other night that will compare to this one in the remainder of her high school career, as she joins her friends to transition from high school senior into a graduate. Every aspect of her outfit needs to be meticulously planned to reflect her personality and style. The goal is to standout among others, but to be modest enough to be true to herself. As a mom it can be hard to watch your little girl grow up, but helping her plan and purchase the ideal dress will be a lasting memory she&25251;l take with her to college and remember throughout her life. You can remember how you felt on your prom night, help you daughter discover some of that magic by helping her with some customized ideas.

The Dress

The most important element to planning for prom is the dress. The style and color of the outfit will dictate every other detail that follows. Your daughter&25263; personality can help steer her in the right direction of the dress type. Traditionally, prom dresses were floor length and formal, ideal for the type of venue where the prom is held. For example, if the high school prom is at the country club, choose a floor-length gown to fit the setting. When a prom is less traditional, you can become a little more lax with the formality. A knee-length dress is ideal for the girl who loves to dance and is attending prom at an outdoor venue. The dress needs to fit your daughter&25263; body type as well. A-Line dresses flatter those with a pear-shape, while those with an abundance of curves can opt for a halter style. Boyish-figures can benefit from a shorter-dress, fanning out from the waist, while a mermaid style is perfect for girls with an hourglass figure. Help your daughter to find these styles so that she doesn&25264; become frustrated when she falls in love with a dress that doesn&25264; make her feel like a star.


The hair is almost as important as the dress, but will reflect the style of check more the outfit. For example, a flapper- or mermaid-style dress begs for finger waves held back by a coruscated hairpin. A shorter dress should be made a bit more formal with an up-do, while those with floor-length gowns, wanting to appear less uptight, can wear their hair down in waves. The hair should be similar to styles they&25267;e worn in the past, as changing hair styles last minute can make a girl feel anxious about how others will view her.


The finishing touches for a prom outfit can either complete the look or create a disjointed appearance. Classic Hollywood fashions need red lipstick and long gloves, while a casual beach look needs a long, twinkling necklace or dangly earrings. Modern styles require bold, chunky jewelry, in bright tones. If you don&25264; have a set fashion for your look, simply match the accessories to the color of the dress.