How To Dowse Or Water Witch

How to Dowse or Water Witch

“Water Witching.” The term sounds so delightful, mystical, and
wonderful, doesn’t it? Water witching is the art of using a
magical tool, such as a pendulum or dowsing rods, or psychic
abilities to find underground sources of water. People, 8 ball pool hack tool including
some plumbers, have been practicing water witching and dowsing
for centuries.
Dowsing is actually a specific form of divination, which is the
art of accessing information not available to the five senses.
Other forms of divination include the tarot, water bowls, scrying
in chalices, and Rune stones.
According to Polly Cady, a master dowser of 14 years, one of the
easiest ways to get started with water witching or dowsing is to
start with a pendulum. You can make a pendulum from almost any
lightweight object suspended on a chain, string or thread.
Lightweight objects you can use include paper clips, small rocks,
earrings, hairpins, pendants, small medallions, crystals and
talismans. If you choose to use a crystal, use an amethyst
because other kinds of crystals become too easily contaminated.
To find underground water with a pendulum, here’s a quick lesson
from the American Society of Dowsers.
“The dowser usually seeks flowing underground veins suitable for
drilling and pumping. The veins can be large and deep or small
and shallow. You can discriminate by focusing on a need, real or
imaginary . Ask mentally, either successively or all at once, for
a ‘vein of good drinking water, less than twenty feet in depth,
which will flow uninterrupted at the rate of 5 gallons check more a minute
or more.’ Thus when you receive a reaction, you will know that it
is not a pipe, a polluted vein or a source that might otherwise
be too deep or seasonally unreliable for the purpose at hand.
When the dowsing reaction takes place, mark the spot and approach
it from the opposite direction. If the two points do not
coincide, the mid-point between them should be the center of the
According to Polly, a left-to-right pendulum share this site swing indicates a
“no” while a back-and-forth swing (to and away from you)
indicates a “yes.” As with all magical techniques, practice makes