Do You Need To Rebuild Your Inner Eco System By Shrenks Online Pharma!!!

Do You Need To Rebuild Your Inner Eco System By Shrenks Online Pharma!!!

The Body Ecology Program

True Healing Takes Time.

Are you committed to rebuilding your health in a slow and gradual process?

I have simplified and broken down the Body Ecology program into steps that can be easily implemented and followed.

Stage 1 B.E

The first stage can be looked at as a pyramid, there are three key facets to this stage. If you were to draw a triangle you may put CORRECT DIGESTION in the bottom left hand corner, then you would draw a line going to the right and you would write CREATE ENERGY, then linking the two up to the top centre of the pyramid you would write CLEANSE. These three key facets are the vital ingredients to build a healthy foundation in which to create true health on. Without this foundation or with a poor foundation you would not be able to get well. It would be like building a house made with sticks, stones, marvel future fight hack tool online and maybe a few bricks. You can not get well, unless you have these three building blocks in place.

What is on stage 1 of the program:
Cultured Foods – Young Coconut Kefir, including young coconut kefir cheese.

Goals of stage 1:
This stage is the stage that you should be cleansing your colon.Correcting digestion by healing and more information restoring the inflamed gut Eating easy to digest liquid food Developing a positive attitude towards food, and your body.

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