Christmas Trivia Games For Kids

Christmas Trivia Games for Kids

Take advantage of the Christmas holiday to get all the kids in your family together for holidaythemed fun and games. Plan a game night with the kids that feature classic and popular trivia games with Christmas themes. The harder the question, the more money, or, the more points you earn. To set up the game, find a large wall space or use a white board. Choose three or four Christmasthemed categories and tape them at the top of the board, or wall, going across. Write down four clues of increasing difficulty for each category on separate pieces of paper. On the other side of each clue, assign a value whether in monetary or point value, such as $100 to $400, or one to four points, for example. Tape the categories with the clue side down underneath the categories. Ideas for Christmas themes could include, “Christmas Songs,” “Dreaded Christmas Gifts” and “Famous Christmas Stories.” To play, one child picks a category and value level. The host turns the paper over and reads the clue, and the child psn codes cheats must answer in the form of a question, such as, “Who is Santa Claus?” Whoever buzzes in first with the correct answer gets the points. The kids can ring a desk bell if you have one, or they can just more information raise their hands.

Christmas Tune Trivia

For this game, give each child a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Play five seconds each of several popular Christmas songs. The kids must write down the title of what they think each song is. The child who gets the greatest number of tunes correct, wins. For older kids, play several versions of the same song and have them name the singer click more details who performs each version. For a variation of this game, the kids can take turns humming a tune, and the other kids can guess which tune they are humming.

Christmas Word Trivia

In this game, teammates will guess the key word you are trying to describe without using any related words listed below key word. To set up, write down various Christmasthemed words, one each, on index cards, near the top. You can write anything, such as elves, North Pole, stocking, gift, ornaments, Rudolph and star. Under each word, list three or four other words that are closely associated to it. To play, divide the kids up into two teams. The child whose turn it is, must get her team to guess the top word by describing it, but without using any of the words listed below it. If she says any of those words, she must skip the card, and the other team gets a point. A person from the opposite team must watch the person whose turn it is, to make sure they do not use any words on the card. The first team to a certain point level, wins.

Christmas Team Trivia

The object of this game is to list as many answers as possible in a category, as a team, to earn point. To play, divide the kids up into two teams. Try to have an equal number of older kids and younger kids on each team. Come up with six answers for every category topic. To keep the game simple for kids, for all correct answers, award the same number of points. For the team whose turn it is, that team must list as many answers as they can. If they choose an answer that’s not on the list, they lose their turn, and the opposing team has a chance to steal points. The team with highest score at the end of the game wins.