Child drives to McDonald’s by learning on YouTube

The Internet has taken the world by storm. Earlier, when we had a doubt, we used to ask our elders. They used to clear our doubts by demonstrating with live examples and by explaining it in such a way that it used to clear our future queries as well. But nowadays, the Internet is the new parent. Each and every doubt can be answered by Google-ing it on the Internet. And, as a matter of fact, children too are aware of this situation. Now they can study a whole lot for themselves by doing nothing but going online.

The reason we are talking about this is due to an 8-year old boy form East Palestine, Ohio. The identity of the boy has not been revealed yet. As per the sources, this 8-year old boy was hungry for a cheese burger. While his hunger grew more and more, his resistance was out of his hands. At that time, his mom was asleep on the sofa and his dad went early to the bed. He started brain storming as to how he can fulfill his craving.

You will be shocked to known that this 8-year old boy jumped into the one-ton van of his dad and drove straight to a McDonald outlet a mile away from their house. But the story does not end year. We guess that this much scene was not much adventurous to this 8-year old. And hence he decided to take his 4-year old sister with him as well.

As a matter of fact, the boy had learned somewhat of the driving skills by watching videos on YouTube. Even though this is not someone would like to believe, but the police had said so.

The department of police had decided to maintain silence on this situation. But the sources say that this little funny yet dangerous incident has become the talk of the town. According to the sources, when a policeman was asked his views about this incident, he said, “How on the earth this 8-year old reached the pedals?” Well, this is something to think about.

But the main question still remains intact—Did he get the cheese burger?

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